Top 10 Nursing Blogs

Top 10 Nursing Blogs

One of the best ways to ensure that you remain on top of the current issues and trends in nursing is to read nursing blogs. Unlike traditional articles by journalists from media outlets, nursing blogs are written by nurses who practice in some area of nursing. Nursing blogs provide you with the real story on topics in such a way that you will understand. Here is list of top nursing blogs

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1. Nursing center

Nursing center is a blog that provides nurses with many articles and resources. Some of these resources include publications, continuing education articles, career resources and clinical resources. This blog not only has alot information to help you but is also worth your time.

2. Confident Voice in Healthcare

Written by Beth Boynton and variety of other contributors, this blog aims at discussing real issues and stories that are related to health care. They normally touch on important issues that sometimes can be controversial. Some of the topics that they cover include patient safety, professional burnout, and workplace violence among others. It also has a link to some of the best YouTube videos.

3. Nerdy nurse

There is no nursing blogs list that’s complete without Nerdy Nurse. Written by Britney Wilson, this site offers a lot more than just the normal blogs. By checking it out yourself, you will be amazed at the amount of information that it has.

4. The Nursing Site Blog

Authored by Kath Quan, who has worked for close to 35 years, this site offers unending font of wisdom that any user will find very much useful.

5. Nurse Nacole

If you are a nursing student or you need to pass NCLEX then this is the best site for you. This site gives you very hints on how to pass the exams, nursing tips, and how to survive in nursing school. Nacole, the author understands well how stressful the job of nursing can hence offer some of the best resources that can help both professionals and students. It’s, therefore, a blog that’s worth your time.

6. Accessible Healthcare Institute

This is among the blogs that know that learning is a continuous process. It aims at providing readers with an up to date information that is very much relevant to the professionals. Written by Dr. Rachel Silva, NP, it provides information on how to move ahead, review of books, and a video interview with experts and medical case studies that are of interest to nurses.


This is actually a review site written by nurses for nurses. Apart from being able to search which hospitals have great reviews, they also have a blog that you can follow. This bog is not only regulated regularly but also has a unique articles. If you are using it for the first time then you will love the layout which is easy to navigate.

8. International Nurse Support

If you are looking for an extra diversity and focus on assisting other nurses then this blog will certainly be helpful. Authored by Joyce Fiodemobo, this blog has a variety of blogs written by a wide range of healthcare professionals and nurses. In this blog, you can always expect resume advice, career tips, how-tos and much more.

9. Digital Doorway

If you are looking for a holistic approach towards handling your career and health then this is the best blog to read. Written by Keith, this blog aims to help healthcare professionals and nurses to create health, vibrant and satisfying professional lives. The articles cover useful topics such as networking, remaining optimistic, embracing change among others

10. Gypsy Nurse

This refers to an online community and blog that’s dedicated to both medical professionals and nurses. It contains many articles dedicated to travel nursing. It also has the nurse interview section that you will just love.

So that is a list of top nursing blogs. If you are a nurse or health professional then these are the best blogs to follow.